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A Germany fighter plane in Lac du Bourget !!!

plongee-epave-avion-fw58-lac-du-bourget-deep-ccr-tartiflette-team-17-150x150 plongee-epave-avion-fw58-lac-du-bourget-deep-ccr-tartiflette-team-14-150x150 plongee-epave-avion-fw58-lac-du-bourget-deep-ccr-tartiflette-team-9-150x150 plongee-epave-avion-fw58-lac-du-bourget-deep-ccr-tartiflette-team-6-150x150 plongee-epave-avion-fw58-lac-du-bourget-deep-ccr-tartiflette-team-5-150x150Since March 30th 1943 there is a Nazi FW58C airplane sitting at the bottom of Lac de Bourget at 112 meters below the surface close to Conjux.  This was an important moment of the war here in our area as it was the beginning the German invasion.

Some speculate about the reason of the nose dive into the lake but no one really knows. Some say they wanted to skim the surface of the lake as for practice reasons (as it is still done today) and others say the Nazis wanted to scare the fisherman and still others think there was a mechanical problem.

Two out of four pilots of the Focke Wulf 58C were rescued from the water by the fisherman and brought to land at Conjux. No one knew what to do with them, the villagers didn’t want Germans in their homes but with the injuries they had they needed help. In fact they were too injured to go to the closest hospital so one family took them in and cared for them. Once they were better and on their feet the Germans thanked their hosts and offered money for the kindness. The family instead asked that 4 Conjux villagers captured by the Nazi be released to their families. Marché conclu!

It wasn’t till 1987 that anyone had tried to find the wreck, no one knew exactly where it was. On February 25th 1988 Roger Pilloud, Alain Huck and Jean-Paul Mestres found the hull at more than 110 meters under their feet. But it wasn’t until 2004 that Jean-Marc Blanch, Jêrome Mazier and Marco Stroppa all experienced divers could get down and actually touched the wreckage.

The wreckage has become one of the most prized dives in France.


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