About me


Hello I’m Michelle Sweeney Lain, from Lake Tahoe, California. I married an Aixois (someone from Aix les Bains), I have two kids who have flown the coup, 3 fat cats and a love for life. I developed this site to promote the two Savoies, to get the word out that there isn’t just Paris and La Côte d’Azur in France. I love this area and have since I moved here over 25 years ago. It deserves to have tourists year round not just in winter on the slopes, there is so much more. The idea came to me partly thanks to some really cool and fun.
Aussi friends who a had certain number of questions when they moved here for a year, then there was a different family every year for the last 4 years, lots of questions. So here is a compilation of my personal “best of” for everything local. Food, drink, walks, shops, sports and events. I travel a lot and will also give some ideas there too.
I would really like Alpsfairy to become The go to site for all English speaking expats in the area, those visiting and everyone interested. A helpful and insightful collection of everything interesting in Savoie and the Haute Savoie.
I am not a writer, not even a pretend one … I write as I speak and I speak fast so please understand. If you find mistakes in any way please help me out. Shoot me an email.
Thank you for reading this and thanks for any input you can give me at alpsfairy7374@gmail.com.