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WHAT TO DO FOR YOUNG TEENAGERS – Articles written by the 4eme class of Collège George Sand in La Motte Servolex

This is a really cool project that I would love more of, the 4eme International Class of George Sand in La Motte Servolex wrote articles for activities that they found fun to do in our area – Savoie Mont Blanc. Thank you so very much for your help – teachers Alison Veit and Julien Rosset.

I will not correct their English, this is Their version.


images-220160528_164252If you prefer the road, or if the tiny tracks are more suitable for you, or maybe you prefer riding up the mountain, or cycling on a flat road, then Savoie is the perfect place for you!!

If you’re looking for a long ride that will take you probably all day, well you should go around the lake. You can start anywhere on the track. The ride has a steep slope to go up but your effort will be rewarded by a MAGNIFICENT view! The ride is about 45 km and will take about 5 hours to do. Take a bag with your picnic and a swimming suit in case you want a quick refreshment on one of the beaches around the lake because it can get very hot.

If you’re a really good cyclist, you might be looking for something challenging. The Relais du Mont du Chat is a very steep climb. It is about 13km long and will take you 2 hours maximum. There is a little cafe at the top if you want a snack or a quick drink before going down.

If you prefer mountain biking, you should go to Mont Revard. There are loads of tracks for bikes and there are always next to the road so you can’t get lost.

If you just want a flat road that goes to the lake you can take the avenue verte that goes from Chambery to the Bourget. It is 12km long and will take you 1 hour to do. It is a reserved cycle path so there are no cars but watch out for other cyclists and roller bladers.

If you’re looking for somewhere to rent a bike, you can try a place in Aix-les-Bains called cycles 73.

Address: 21 Boulevard Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny,

73100 Aix-les-Bains

Téléphone: 04 79 34 62 07

To find it you have to turn right at the Mc Donald’s round about and then continue straight on after the second round about, go under the railway bridge and then it’s on the right. At that place, you can rent any bike you want. If you want to rent the bike for a day you will have to prepare 50 euros for one person just in case. Helmets and any other equipment is free.

I hope that this article has helped you and I wish you a good ride!!


MAGIC IN FRANCE by Nathan Le Berre

Savoie might be well known for cheese but we also have a magic the gathering community!

If you play magic the gathering or want to learn how to play you might actually be wondering « where, in this cheesy region, can I find other people to play? »

Well actually there is somewhere you can play your favorite game while not going to remote places to find a shop to play. There might be tons of shop where you can play magic but I have my favorite, it is Grimgaard, it’s a shop in the middle of Chambéry who actually do Friday night magic (every Friday night is known for this moment in magic community. It is nothing but an hour to play magic) ! You can buy tons of different useful things for magic such as boosters or protector sleeves but you can also buy warhammer characters and Role playing games for a reasonable price. Every Friday night the shop leaves a room open for magic players of all ages !And if you want to have a really good time you might stay for the draft that happens at 20h00 in which you can take part if you pay 16 euros(a draft is a tournament with really special rules : ) !

Other games:

Near this shop there is « l’antre des jeux » where you can buy lots of different things from cards of all types to circus material and also all different types of games.

If you talk to the owner you might have the luck to learn that there is an event in the MJC where you can play and try games for free in a really good atmosphere.

If you want a bigger place you can go the « Fnac » which has shops all around the world in which you can finds books, video games, games, fluffy pikachues or mario and tons of other things. You can even sometimes try new video games that just came out.


If you want to go to Grimgaad, that’s really easy since the bus number 3 stops just next to the MJC which is at 10 meters of Grimgaard, you just need to continue walking a bit.

If you want to go to « l’antre des jeux » you need to find the Carré Curial and near it you’ll find a round about with a statue on it. You’ll find a little car park near it with a walking road next to it, go in it and go forward a bit and you’ll have to choose right or left after a bit, go right and you’ll find the shop after searching a bit.


Grimgaard: Mondays – Saturdays: 10:00am -12:00 – 2:00 – 7:00pm

L’antre des jeux : Tuesdays: 10:00-1:00 – 2:00 – 7:00pm

Wednesdays – Saturdays: 8:00-12:00 – 2:00 – 7:00pm

Fnac: Mondays – Saturdays: 10:00am – 7:00pm


HANDBALL in Chambéry  by Alice Toogood and Eva Cheung-A-Long

Handball is a team sport that is based on passing the ball to one of your team members by hand. The game is 2×30 min; half-time is about 10 mins ; but for younger people it’s a bit shorter.

Handball is very important in Chambery, as we have the best handball team in France, many people here enjoy this sport. Not even Paris’ team is better than ours. If you want to see a handball match (which I really advise you to do if you have the chance to come to Savoie), go to the Phare. The Phare is a place where handball matches take place very often, you can also watch some shows there ; but I’m only going to talk about handball matches. There is a very good atmosphere, people shout and sing and are really supportive. If you really want to enjoy the game, take the VIP seats, so that you can be close to the players ; but if you take seats behind the net, on the side, you won’t be able to enjoy it as much. Just DON’T sit near the FREGA, the supporter group of Chambery, they are so noisy and don’t even watch the match, they just come to make some noise for Chambery and be crazy.


MUSILAC 4th biggest music festival of France

IMG_1106IMG_1129Musilac is a pop-rock music festival that started in 2002, it takes place in the summer (July) and it has French and international artists. It lasts three days and there are nine or ten artists in a day. It takes place in Aix-les-bains on the Esplanade du Lac. The prices are:

1 day: 59 €

3 days: 129 €

If you want to sleep nearby, there is a campsite for the price of 149€ for the three nights.

It is great entertainment, you can make some new friends, enjoy listening to music and discover new artists. The Esplanade du Lac is enormous, there are three stages, foods, drinks and accessories stalls. You can admire the beautiful

sunset, sit on the grass or go to the front to dance.

Famous artists like:

David Guetta,



Skip The Use,

Shaka Ponk,


London Grammar,

Tom Odell,

Arctic Monkeys…

This year in 2016 go and see :

 Elton John

The Avener

Josef Salvat (french artist)

Lily Wood and the Prick

Louise Attaque (french artist)

Amy McDonald

Jain (french artist)


AIGUEBELETTE LAKE by Alice Barnes, Celeste Thorogood, Alizée Grangeat


Directions: follow the motorway A43 until exit D921. Go straight ahead and cross the roundabout. Follow until you can see water.

The lake: It is a nice place to spend time with your family and friends. The water is clean as motor engines are forbidden on the lake.  On the lake you can do water sports, we really like going on kayaks, pedalos, paddle boards and we love rowing. The 2015 rowing championships took place on this lake, and we enjoyed watching the races and cheering for our country! There are also lots of great restaurants and hotels around the lake. We think it’s the most beautiful lake in France.

Places you can stay:

Bed and Breakfast ( BnB ):



Telephone: 04 79 36 09 62

If you are looking for a nice typical « Savoyard » chalet with very cozy bedrooms and a nice outdoor area with a patio, this is the place you’re looking for. Breakfast is served on the patio or in the living room and the food is homemade and delicious.

One person: 57 euros

Two people: 68 euros




Telephone: 04 76 31 81 01

« Les Bergeronettes » is a nice quiet place with a garden where traditional food is served. There is a heated pool, a park, a bar and a restaurant.

Double bedroom: 85 euros

Single bedroom: 85 euros

Bed and breakfast (bed + 1 meal): 70 to 105 euros

Bed + 3 meals: 80 to 115 euros

Breakfast: 10 to 15 euros

Best beach:

Pré Argent: We like this beach because there is clear water, grass, there are slides in the sand for children to have fun and there is a volleyball area.


Adult: 2,50 €

Children: 1 € (5 to 12 years)

Payment possibilities

– Check / Cash

Open  Lifesavers (too cute – lifeguards) are on duty:

June 16th to June 30th: 11 AM to 5 PM

July and August:  10 AM to 7 PM



Picnic area



Places you can eat, drink :



Telephone: 04 79 36 05 91

It’s a very nice restaurant next to the lake with traditional Savoyard food. It also has a lovely outside terrace looking out onto the lake. It has access to the beach where you can hire a pedalo to explore the lake.




Telephone: 04 79 44 14 72

The resaturant serves delicious crepes, ice creams and lots of other dishes and it’s very close to the Sougey beach and two campsites.


For more informations about the hours price and other activities :


Hike le Croix du Nivolet

by Jean SPIES and William CRIQ

 A little history of the Le Croix de Nivolet in Savoie

Unknown-5The Nivolet Cross is a “sommet – summit” cross, the end of the 13th century brought a larger number of erected crosses throughout the Alps, they served as border markings. Some of the first examples in France were on the top of Mont Aiguille in the Vercours built in 1492.

A large number of crosses were erected in Catholic and German regions of the Alps in the second half of the 19th century and into the first half of the 20th century. Often at the bottom of the cross there was a notebook for hikers to leave a message. Somewhat like a cairn to help mark the top of the mountain.

The Nivolet Cross dominates Le Massif des Bauges and watches over Chambéry at 1547 meters, 5075 feet. Erected on September 15th 1861. Built in Chambéry with a metal framework and covered with white iron exterior. Even a Pope came to kiss it in 1877, Pie IX. After a bad storm in 1909 when the cross was folded in two, they decided to rebuild it with reinforced concrete and aluminium cover. 21,50 meters 71 feet high and 10 meters 33 feet long the inauguration was 1911. 1944 the cross was the scene of an attack at it’s base but it survived although badly damaged and 1960 the cross was lit for the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Savoie into France. But again an attack that same year turned out the light till 1989 when for the future Winter Olympic of 1992 the cross was relit and has survived since.

Needed equipment:

Sport shoes hiking boots

First aid kit

Helmet (for certain routes)


Of course the right equipment is needed for minimum safety. Don’t worry, it’s not so expensive.

There’s another reason for going up there, that’s the view of course! I would show you a picture but then you wouldn’t find the reason to go anymore.

How to get there?

There are many different routes to reach « La Croix du Nivolet », each of them have different difficulties.

The easy one (way up):  The start is from the parking of the Cire. The climb from the Cire to the Croix du Nivolet is 450 feet.

The medium one (way up): Starting from Pragondran at an altitude of 2690 feet. Starting from there it’s a 2395 foot walk to the top. The average time from walkers in the past for this trial is approximately two hours.

The hard one (way up): Starting from Lovettaz with the height of 2296 feet to the Croix du Nivolet with the height of 5075 feet. You will pass through rocks to arrive up there.

Tree-Climbing or ”Accrobranche” actually is Via Ferrata in the trees

by Clara Bucur and Vanessa Le Gouanvic

Unknown-9 Unknown-8

Open: 10am to 7pm on school holidays.

1:30pm to 6pm on Saturdays.

10am to 6pm on Sundays and Bank holidays.

Telephone: 06 83 36 05 99

Adresse: ”Un Arbre à l’autre” tree-climbing park” in La Feclaz, 73230, Savoie. Up top Le Revard mountain.


At the tree-climbing park, you can go up to 20 meters high!

There are routes ranging from easy to hard levels and for all ages.

You can have a great time with your family and you can have a great view going there.


Adult: 27€

Junior: 25€

Family: 21€

Kids: 17€

The park opens on: The 1st May till 30th October. It is open all week long even on Bank holidays.

I personally really liked going there, it was fun, there were many different activities and routes.

The instructors were polite and experienced.

It’s good to have fresh air and do outdoor activities, and this the perfect place to bring your family and friends.


Activities to do in summer at La Plagne ski resort of Tarentaise.

by Théa Farissier and Isaline Jacquet

images-3 Unknown-10

  • Pedestrian Path
  • Most of pedestrian path start at Plagne Centre, Plagne Bellecôte or Plagne soleil, but don’t worry you have a free shuttle service near to the pedestrian path !
  • The pedestrian paths are really great and accessible, they are mostly all based on the ski slopes, you can see the slopes in an other way than in winter, that’s really interesting, you can take advantage of the beautiful view.
  • Also there is one pedestrian path from Bourg St Maurice to Aime ou vice versa it runs along the Isère river in the nature!!!
  • Hiking Path
  • Most of hiking paths start at Belle Plagne.
  • The hiking paths are, in winter, use for mechanical engines so they are regular and easy on foot. Higher, there are paths especially on foot and you can access to special environment and landscape, less busy.
  • A satellite view to see the hiking path :
  • Bourtes Via-ferrata
  • The Via-ferrata takes 1 hour and half approximately. The starting is at Belle Plagne since the chalet ESF then you need to follow the sign. There is 245 meters of difference in height and 600 meters in length. It’s free to go on, but you need to rent the adapted equipment to be attached all the time. You can get out two time in the via-ferrata if you don’t feel well. There is one footbridge, one rope bridge and two beams. There are no special difficulties just maybe the rope bridge which moves a lot. The via-ferrata will allow you to fill up with sensations while discovering beautiful landscapes.
  • You can see a video for more information:
  • The map for the via-ferrata :
  • For more information contact the tourist office:
  • Phone: 04 79 09 96 41
  • Mountain Biking
  • You can also practice some mountain biking, at Belle Plagne, recently new roads were created allowing this practice at every level, for expert the most expert come down from the Rock of Mio to the valley. You can use the “Eco Bus” to go to the resort. There are also the new bike park of Belle Plagne, there are banked corners, bumps, wall wrinkles and other wooden modules. The ski lift of Bellecôte is
  • Big Zip
  • The El-Pro society made a giant zip of 1000 meters at 25 meters of high, to connect Belle Plagne to Bellecôte. After a chain of zip from 50 to 200 meters long and connections in form of scales, footbridges or nets, the fibal is one jump down of 9 meters. The landscape is amazing! It’s gonna take you 1 hour 15 minutes approximately. You need to take closed shoes.
  • Open:
  • – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 12 – 2 – 6pm.
  • Rates:
  • – under 13 years old: 18 euros
  • – adult: 28 euros
  • You can see a video for more information:

Where to stay in La Plagne, Savoie?

Le Refuge de la Glière:

Small houses on top of a mountain at 2010m next to a beautiful lake with lots of marmots everywhere and some good hiking trails like the glacier discovery road, all of this inside the National Vanoise Park.

You can stay in a traditional dorm room in the old barn if you stay for one night and you will be able to cook your own food.

For more than one night you can be half-board: you will stay in the traditional dorm room or in a newly renovated 4 people room and the breakfast and dinner are included in the price. In your dinner you will have a starter or a soup then a homemade main course, some local cheese and a homemade dessert.

There is also a small restaurant that offers simple but local food like soup, salad, cheese, sandwiches and local cooked meats.

The place was refurbished and will reopen the 17/06/2016.

Address: Refuge de la Glière

Lieu dit “Les caves de la Plagne”

73350 Champagny en Vanoise

Savoie – France

Coordinates of the car park: Latitude 45.449767 Longitude 6.77736

Coordinates of the Refuge: Latitude 45.431056 Longitude 6.81361

Take the D90 till Moutiers then take the D195 to Bozel and the D91B until Champagny-le-haut. You will then have to walk on a small mountain path for 1h45 and you will arrive to the Refuge.



Website :

If you don’t want to go up to the Refuge de la Glière you can stay at the Refuge du Laysonay at the beginning of the hiking path.


La Sibérienne

by Justine Voegelin and

Sherryhann Zeraidi


La Siberienne is a French glacier (ice cream maker) created in 1953 by Mr. Achille Giovannoni. He invented different types of ice cream and a very popular sweet dessert: The Aix’Quimos.

You can have lovely ice cream on the outdoor terrace and there is also a tea menu with macaroons cakes or a cold/hot drink if you prefer. It is a very nice place to come and talk, eat a dessert, drink tea or anything you want with your family and friends.

The ice creams are homemade and their ingredients come from all over the world like: Vanilla from Madagascar, Pistachio from the foot of the Etna volcano, nuts from Piedmont (Italy).

You can also find one in Aix Les Bains.

Two locations for your plaisir:

Address:  9 rue Doppet, 73000 Chambéry   Telephone: 04 79 44 87 28

42 Blvd John Pierpont Morgan, 73100 Aix-les-Bains Telephone: O4 79 61 09 83

Simple Directions:

In front of the Palais De Justice in Chambéry.

Little harder to find in Aix goes towards the lake and it’s Grand Port, McDo and Pierpont Morgan will be on your right at the first round about.  (in French)

Payment Methods:

cash, CB, checks

Ice cream shop, tea salon.

Days/Hours open:

Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00 to 6:30 and Sunday: 2:30 – 6:30pm (spring, autumn, winter) it closes later in summer.

Best Season:


Best Place To Sit:

Outside on a beautiful sunny day or near the window in the sunshine.

Price Range:

Totally acceptable: about 1,80€ the scoop (ice cream)

Dress Code:

There is no special dress code.

Famous For:

It’s famous for its ice-cream and its Ax’Quimos. Homemade.

Rating stars:


What to ask for:

Aix’Quimos, miniardies, verrines

Simple ice cream: Yoghurt, Melon, Nuts, Mango, Gigember, Caramel

WIFI, Terrace outdoor, Indoor, Outdoor, Kids Friendly, Organic

Go as often as you can.


The prices are totally acceptable. There is a large choice of ice cream, cakes…

What we ate

Two scoops in a Cornet: me: mango, passion fruit

friend: Straciattela and nuts.

They completely followed Alpsfairy form for to Eat and Drink. Find it also in those sections.



Les Barjots

by Sulaymane Millot-Cere and Lou-Anne Genix

Les Barjots is a restaurant in Chambéry, Savoie. It was named after a famous French handball team. The restaurant was created by 4 ex-former handballers:

-Philippe Morand, Alain Poncet, Laurent Munier, Philippe Gardent.

The restaurant is very famous in Chambéry!! The atmosphere is very cool and sporty. On the wall of the restaurant we can see old pictures of the French Handball team. The kitchen of the restaurant is open so that the client can see how their dishes are cooked. The menu is named after the important victories of the French Handball team. The menu is very varied, with lots of different dishes.



Mesculin, Small Potatoes Roasted

Sausage, County Cubes,

Dice Sliced Bread, an Egg «Gras Cooked»


Duck, Sliced Big Sauce «Apicius»

Potato Gratin.


Soft Black Chocolate Heart Sinking – melted center Chocolate cake.

«I really loved the atmosphere of the place, and the dishes are delicious. The waiters are very polite and quick. It is a nice place to go with your family and your friends after a Handball Match!!!!»


Telephone: 04 79 75 27 99 (Don’t forget to book your table)


Address: 688 Avenue Les Follaz 73000 Chambéry

Open 12:00 to 3:00pm – 7:30 to 11:00pm.








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