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Biathlon lessons with Nicolas @ Altitude Biathlon



Biathlon is an Olympic sport, which combines strength, endurance, precision, concentration, and… humility. In this sport anyone can win, or lose if they miss the target!

Biathlon brings together two disciplines: cross-country skiing and shooting. The biathlete carries a small rifle on their backs while cross skiing. The shooting is done partly in the prone (laying stomach down on ground) position and partly in the standing up position.

Biathlon is an elite sport and although the French biathlon team only has a small number of members their team is one of the best in the world with world leader Martin Fourcade.

prone position, and 11.5cm/4.5in when shooting from a

The OFFICIAL Biathlon equipment and International regulations

*An official biathlon rifle 22LR

*5.56 caliber bullets

*4 5-bullet cartridges

*Target range shooting distance of 50 meters/160ft

*Target diameter of 4;5cm/1.8in when shooting from the prone position, and 11.5cm/4.5in when shooting from the standing position.

*An addition 150-meter /490ft penalty loop to be completed on skis for each missed target.

*Small bore rifle of the minimum weight of 3.5kg/7.7lb. (to be carried on the back).


It is a very popular spectator sport, mostly appreciated in Scandinavia.


Nicolas TERMIER asked if I would like to try my hand at Biathlon. I watch Martin and Simon Fourcade, Marie Dorin-Habert and the others in the winter and am flabbergasted at their athletic abilities. An Amazing sport – When you see the pros just skiing along la la la – sprinting on skinnier than your feet boards with guns on their backs then having to stop and stand or lay down and shoot at a tiny miniscule black hole five times.

I was so happy to try to shoot and that Nicolas offered to do it in September that way no Cross Country skiing involved YES. So instead of skiing we ran.

Altitude Biathlon ’s concept is bringing together people for the love of the Biathlon sport. Nicolas does a fantastic job with that. He is such a nice, organized professional that our afternoon was a blast.


We met up at the Indigo Camping Site in Bourg St Maurice, Nicolas had set up an obstacle course and four shooting ranges.




Alistair and Evan, my son and the other boy participating went straight to the guns and the lead bullets. Nicolas explained how to hold and load the rifle and we started shooting. It was easy in the beginning with the rifle propped on a wood support and breathing normally.

To make things a little sportier, Nicolas had us sprint around a circuit then dive to shoot in prone position. He kept heightening the difficulty, kneeing down shooting and then standing shooting after running. All this to understand that you have to be in the moment, you must be IN that second of pulling the trigger. Breathe breathe he kept saying as to bring down your heart rate so you can concentrate better, even blinking yours eyes a few times so the target is in focus. A lot of different things have to come together for a perfect 5 shoot count.

Celine and Evan won after shooting, sprinting and lastly a small course round a circle on really heavy board skis. Communication skills are tested with this part of the competition and Alistair and I failed!! ; )

Nicolas would love to hear from you for any questions, ideas and enquiries for parties, family get togethers and company team building possibilities.


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