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Boating and fun on and around Lake Annecy

Bateaux Toé

From May to September, meeting place the Vasse Canal, near the “Pont des Amours”, get on board traditional wooden boats to discover Lake Annecy and it’s all splendor. Guided tours of 35 to 60 minutes are offered also you can rent a boat or two for personalised cruise birthdays, weddings, etc. On request, we can drop you at various ports, hotels and restaurants around the lake. Each boat seat 10 and 12 and our full fleet capacity is 52 seats.


Pont des Amours

74 000 Annecy






Compagnie des Bateaux du lac d’Annecy

La Compagnie des Bateaux du Lac d’Annecy has 5 boats for cruises between the lake and the mountains. 1 to 2 hour guided tours on the Cygne, Belle Etoile and the Allobroge. Or get on the Libellule (dragon fly) for lunch or dinner with dancing.


2 places aux Bois

74 000 Annecy





Water Taxi

From March to November, A small fleet of Speed boats, for anything imaginable. Don’t want to wait in traffic – Taxiing on Lake Annecy, Lake Safari, discover the lake privately, discover the prettiest houses on the shores, discover the national reserve, discover l’Abbaye de Talloires from the prestine waters or just go have a dip in the middle of the lake or in the secret coves.

Prices starting at 35€ per person for 2 hours of navigation. How about drinks, hors d’œuvres and dinner on the lake with friends while watching the sun set.

35€ per person 1 :30 of navigation.

Day or night transfers, from any where along the lake with a 12 person maximum per boat.

Starting at 180€ hour to privatize the boat.


74 320 Sévrier



Aventure 360

Behind the wheel of a Jeep Willys, discover some wonderful views of Mont Blanc and l’Aravis mountains on winding roads with fun stops along the way.

½ day, whole day and weekend possibilities.



100 route de l’Aiguille

74 230 Manigod





Mobilboard Annecy

A new and original way to visit (guided) in and around Annecy on Segway or

The gyropode Segway !

8 place aux Bois

74 000 Annecy







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