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Braderie, Vide Greniers, Brocante, Marché aux Puces and Bourses

What’s the difference between a Vide Grenier, a Braderie, a Brocante, Marché aux puces and or a Bourse?

I am going to try to help.

Click on this link for the Agenda of all of the Vide Greniers, Brocantes and Marchés de Puces.

Une Braderie comes from the Dutch word  braden  which means To Roast. During many of these « garage sales » held in Northern France, Belguim, there would be meats and harengs roasting for the participates.

In France these working class collective get togethers allow individuals to exhibit items that they no longer use and want to sell. These collective « garage sales » have different names depending on where you live.


Les Braderies seem to be classier get together than Vide grenier


Un Vide Grenier is Une Braderie or une Réderie in Picardy.

Une Foire aux Puces, une Foire à Tout in Normandy.

Une Pucier in Le Dauphiné.

Bric-à-Brac in the West – Center.

Troc et Puces, Brocante in Belgium.

I love this one Vente de Garage in Quebec !!


A little history –

France’s oldest Vide Grenier took place in Amiens in 1909 cancelled and forgotten for 50 years. Since 1963 it has become one of the biggest Vide Greniers in France with over 80 000 visitors – twice a year.

But the biggest and most important Vide Grenier of Europe is held the first weekend of September La Braderie de Lille, in the north of France. They say it’s origins are from a twelfth century fair.


In Savoie and Haute Savoie and in France I think, there aren’t any garage or yard sales. Probably because lots of homes have gates and lots people don’t want others in they’re personnal space. There’s a French expression – « vivons caché vivons bien » « live hidden live happy ».


Un Vide Grenier is often in the center of town or in a gymnasium and on weekends. You’ll find clothes, books, table wear, toys and furniture. Most of the Vide Grenier’s I have been to were nothing to write home about.


Une Brocante is a sales bonanza of used cheap articles, where true professionals sell their stuff. When I think Brocante I think furniture mostly and an antique store is called a Brocante.


Marché aux Puces are mostly found in big cities and are at the same time as Market’s. There held outside and often weekly. Some are permeant like Saint Ouen This is the serious professional collectors Market. You’ll find expensive, rare, orginial works and antiques.


Les Bourses are mostly once a year and very specific for example Ski equipment  in November and Bikes in March. There can be individuals and shop owners who sell they’re things during a weekend in one event.





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