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Châtel a couple of things to do


Unique in the Alps!

The Fantasticable is a giant zip line that allows to fly over the alpine village of Plaine Dranse at 100km / h and at 240m high.

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Open in summer and winter, Fantasticable is divided into two lines and two different sensations. The 1st line lasts 56 seconds and flies right over the rock face of Plaine Dranse and the 2nd lasts 58 seconds (depending on the wind and is the fastest) and zips over the valley at 200 meters high.

You can go solo or duo,

Solo flight: 36€

– Minimum weight of a person: 35 kg

– Maximum weight of a person: 120 kg

Duo flight: 72€

– Minimum weight of a person: 35 kg

– Maximum weight of a person: 95 kg

– Maximum Weight difference between 2 people: 40 kg

– Minimum weight of the duo: 90 kg

– Maximum duo weight: 150 kg

How to get there

Go through Châtel take a right towards Bassachaux and follow the road to the end of the valley, drive up a little road for about 5 minutes and park on your left, buy your tickets at the bottom of the Rochassons chairlift and you’re on your way to fly!!

I loved being on the lift without equipment my feet floating in the air!

Once you get off the lift go to the booth at your immediate left and suit up. Then you’ll walk up a little hill and stand in line.

We didn’t have to wait at all but the staff told me that sometimes the wait can be over an hour or more, plan well.


We had a blast and would do it again … but we drove 2 hours from Aix for 2 minutes of flying, I should have planned other activities while in Châtel. There is so much to do up there. Like hiking, mountain biking descents at the Bike Park, site seeing, Paddle boarding on Vonnes Lake!!



New in Chatel Stand up Paddle board on the Vonnes Lake which is close to the center of town. A wonderful way to admire the incredible mountains and Chatel. A great way to unwind while exercising in the sun.





12€ for an hour for kids over 8 and adults.




Châtel is a fabulous winter and summer destination. Chatel’s Bike Park offers 21 mountain bike routes. These tracks are suitable for all levels, with three green runs, 4 blue runs, 5 red runs and 9 black runs.

In addition to the variety of tracks, the Bike Park is located in a beautiful setting: the old alpine village of Plaine Dranse, which has several restaurants and bars with terraces. It has already hosted major championships such as the European Downhill Cup.

What is cool is …

– Possibility to rent the equipment DH Biking directly in the village center of Châtel.

– The bikers have a wash down area point.

– Repair Stands are present in the bottom of the field.

– The “Bike Patrol” team of 10 people maintain and secure the area.

– In high season, a big air ballon is installed in a field to try and to work out the bike jumps!








HIKING in Haute Savoie

Le Mont de Grange

One of the symbols of the Abondance Valley, Le Mont de Grange is one of the highest peaks of the Chablais at 2432m.

Classified as a Natural Reserve and located between Châtel and the Chapelle d’Abondance, Abondance. There are 3 different paths up each as it’s own difficulty.

Laura’s choice starts in Chapelle d’Abondance, the trail up is pretty rocky and wide open to change things up go down the Châtel side where the path is less difficult. I know I prefer a difficult hike up and an easier walk down.

The summit of Mont de Grange offers an exceptional panorama, if the weather is nice you can admire the Chablais peaks as well as many Swiss peaks over 4000m, and of course my favorite the Mont-Blanc. The 360 ​​° orientation table at the top helps to situate the position of the neighboring mountains.

It’s not uncommon to find some snow at the top and some chamois.

Time of the hike : 2 :30

Les Cornettes de Bise

The Cornettes de Bise (Kisses) the highest peak of the Abondance Valley with 2432m of altitude, and one of the emblems of the valley.

is on the French-Swiss boarder. The summit is accessible from several paths:

– The French side from La Chapelle d’Abondance (La Callaz or Saix Ginger) and from Vacheresse (via the Chalets de Bise).

– The Swiss side, from Tanay.

The summit is between France and Switzerland, the view is exceptionally of both the Chablais peaks of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva. When the weather is nice pack a lunch!

Along the way you might have the chance to see some chamois.

Time for the hike : 2:30


Thanks Laura!!!



Disclaimer : When starting this adventure « Alps Fairy » I wanted to put as much helpful information on the site as possibile (there is a ton to give) and I enjoyed spending time putting together the information contained in this website, with the help of many different people, but it must be taken as a guideline only.  Recent changes may not have been taken into account. I endeavour to keep the information as current as possible but some of the procedures can be amended with short notice and the site may not reflect these changes. Really I just want assist you and give direction navigating the minefields of living in France. Don’t be afraid!  Different departments and different assistants can give varying advise – with the same ultimate goal just a different way of getting there – stick with it! – Yes, it may take a while!  Your personal situation may require a different approach.  Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions. Again I’m here to help, support you as you adjust and settle down to Your French adventure.




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