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Hello Alpsfairy friends that was the first logo!

Maybe some of you have read, I started Alps Fairy after my kids left me to live their very own lives at a young age, in search of a higher education. I was and am so proud of them but I was lost for what to do.

I came to the Alps to live with my husband 29 years ago. Wow, that seems like a lot, but it is true and as my great friends back in Northern California say I have become more Savoyard than I am Californian! I guess it happens without noticing cause I didn’t mean to, I truly didn’t. In fact, I fought as hard as I could to not conform but at the same time integrate the community through everyday life.

My life: married a French guy, bought a children’s clothing store, had two bi-cultural, lingual kids, and made many friends along the way. My French hubby is Savoyard, the name of those who live in the French Alps. In France, like I have written in an article on the site, there is a true pride for the region that you live in, like Americans toward their state or county.

The Savoie or Haute Savoie (two counties that make up the Savoie Mont Blanc region) are such wonderful places to live and to bring up kids. I think that is what made my move and my settling down here a little easier.

Over the years many friends and family have come to see us. Which I loved cause I could show them around and visit at the same time. I love learning about the history and traditions of this amazingly interesting place. Coming from the tiny town of South Lake Tahoe, California, I had so much to learn. With two different countries and everything that goes with their history and traditions just an hour away I was and am in heaven. And that isn’t even talking about the views that I wake up to every morning.

The idea for Alpsfairy came to me after meeting an Australian family recently relocated to Savoy. They were kind of lost, this was before Google was so popular, or even with Google, can you trust a name just pulled out of a hat or off of a site? I always wanted to help those living in the area to build an understanding and helpful community.

Another aspect to was too help organize trips for those coming to the Alps. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually organize the trip myself for those other than my family because there are many laws and regulations in France. But that is what I really wanted to do.

One day I was on google looking at different things and came across a site that was actually doing what I wanted to do. While on the site, I asked for its newsletter – what I didn’t know is that would change my life forever. 5 minutes later I received an email saying « Want to have a coffee, I think we could work together. » After three coffees and some laughs, I joined Damien Beaulin in the adventure.

Soon after the third coffee, we were working 5 days a week together and creating our new company I was never much the writer even more so every time I have to write I get nervous and wished I could go out running … is an incoming travel agency for the Northern French Alps. Damien and I want to show the Alps the local’s way. Three words to describe our vision for travel authentic, experience, and exclusive. So check out our site if you’re planning on coming.


Now Alpsfairy will be a part of, Alpsfairy by, let’s say it will be the blog for our site. I want to keep helping those in need in Savoie Mont Blanc and those with any questions about the area.


A great friend of mine Ros Eddies will be the pen and face of Alpsfairy now. She moved to the area 4 years ago and has some really great and I hope helpful stories for you all. She is a laugh! Hope you think so too.



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