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Hidden Assets by Alan Watson

Just finished Hidden Assets by Alan Watson —

Book’s back cover

No one is quite who they seem in Alan John Watson’s suspenseful debut thriller, Hidden Assets.

When Jack Rafter and his neighbours notice strangers wandering the grounds of their private chateau near the French Alps, they become suspicious.

But suspicion turns to full-blown panic when they realize their private information—including their bank accounts, property holdings, and investments—has been hacked.

Under attack for assets they hid offshore, Jack and his neighbours decide to call in Boris Von Phren, a geek who promises to uncover who is behind this sudden investigation.

What he uncovers is a tenuous connection between one of their own neighbours and a Swiss billionaire named Harvey Lasalle, who will stop at nothing to ensure the ruin of the chateau’s residents. But why?

A trip to the European Space Agency takes place, where the residents purchase satellite imagery. They have to learn just why their residence is so important to a billionaire.

But what do Jack and his neighbours at the chateau have to do with Lasalle’s failing business?

The group plunges into a desperate search for answers—a search that results in murder, suicide…and sweet revenge. A shocking conclusion that will leave readers breathless.

Hidden Assets was published in 2014.


Thanks to Alpsfairy I meet someone cool people. Alan is a wonderful guy with talent and in my opinion someone with a lot of courage to dive into such an endeavour! Something I dream to do but many things must stay dreams.

Bravo Alan and I am waiting for the next adventure.

Alan by Alan Watson lives in Chambéry with his Dutch wife and two kinda large sons; Starting life in a some say boring place, Swindon southern UK, the only escape was to travel, this he did to excess, covered most of the Mid-East, living in the nicer more welcoming states, Bahrain, Dubai and Oman. A late night accident during a sandstorm in Muscat almost cashed in his chips. A year to recover made Europe appear safe and welcoming, so the transition from advertising exec to financial guy happened. First Amsterdam as a base, then literally from Sweden to Greece-Germany to Portugal, the big package of European delights from hotels, to airports, Hertz to lunch with bearded rocket scientists, and yes you can see it coming, enough fun on the road, time to settle down.

Our eyes met outside a cute cafe in Teresia straat, The Hague, my poor wife to be was sat with probably the ugliest guy in Holland, ok my view… Long story short, 15 years in Holland, now 17 years in the Haute Savoie and Savoie. Sitting on the balcony one day, felt a book needed to be written. All those memories of, “special deals via the Offshore centre’s,” the greedy clients who thought 20% plus per annum was, “not really what they saw happen in the markets !” And those travel experiences, a learning curve which money cannot buy, which I will keep brief in case my wife reads this, so there just had to be a great thriller here. Of course I didn’t forget those quirky special French extra’s, the book is based in France, a must.

The reviews on Amazon.UK really please me, I thought the book-story idea was great, but will the readers? That’s the hard bit. Creating a page turner is serious work, many many hours of building each chapter, keeping the plot hot, moving and little complex, but directed. My motivation grew, so writing seems to be taking over my life, the sequel will be available in early spring 2017, and thanks to the special personality and drive of ladies like Michelle, I do hope to become better known in this wonderful region we call home.

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