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La Forge des Halles Chambery

Les Forges is not a just a shop, it’s not a restaurant either it’s like walking into your Aunt Margaret’s house except Everything is for sale. There is a simple menu but homemade.  I really like the concept. New things, old things and everything in between.

Why the name?

Because the shop is an old Forge. The word forge designates from the working of metal by deformation, hot or cold, by the use of a shock tool and a support. This craft is exercised by the blacksmith and also partly by the farrier or the locksmith.

As you can see on the back wall The Forge is still there.


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    Coffee, Shopping

  • Days/Hours Open

    Open Tuesday to Friday 11 - 7pm
    Saturday 9:30 to 7pm.

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  • Cuisine

    Basic everyday homemade

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Indoor  Vegan plates  

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The 4 course meal is 15€50.
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A nice place to sit, eat and shop.

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