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Les Rencontres Musicales d’Evian/The Evian Musical Encounters July 2nd – 10th.


So please check out the site below for The Evian Musical Encounters July 2nd – 10th.

History of the Les Rencontres Musicales d’Evian.

The Evian Musical Encounters were revived three years ago with the Modigliani Quartet as its artistic directors. The festival has forged its artistic signature based on chamber music and encounters. “Chamber music in all its various forms” was the idea put forward by the Modigliani Quartet. On stage, the greatest musicians come together and offer the public unprecedented encounters, together exploring all types of formation, from the recital to the Chamber orchestra.

Each concert, each day is unique, from the locations – stages to artistic encounters; interaction between the audience and the performers also make each representation distinctively singular.

The festival finds its identity through the simple yet exciting prospect of musical and human encounters. The conductor Serge Zehnacker created the music festival in Evian in 1976 with the help of Antoine Riboud, CEO of BSN (to become the Danone Groupe) at that time.

Danone is the town’s main employer and the creation of the festival was one of the first examples of Antoine Riboud’s dual economic and social project. He succeeded in making the event a benchmark on the international classical music scene over the years. Evian became the meeting place for the leading groups and the greatest musicians.

Around a decade after its creation, Antoine Riboud appointed the famous cellist Mstislav Rostropovich as director of the festival. The two men became good friends and together they forged the festival’s reputation. All of Paris was filled with excitement and ready to admire the greatest of performers. Rostropovich himself performed and directed, establishing the “musical encounters” soon to be called “Young Musicians without Borders” its permanent name.

At the start of the 90s, Antoine Riboud decided the Casino not acoustically modern enough, he wanted to offer Slava the datcha he dreamed of…

The architect Patrick Bouchain and acoustician Yaying Xu were given the challenge of building a 1,200 seat auditorium with flawless acoustics. Patrick Bouchain designed a concert hall made entirely of wood, with a huge aluminium shell – alucobond petals – as a ceiling to provide perfect acoustics. The hall sounds like the inside of a cello and at the back of the stage, the birch trees are a reminder of the cellist’s homeland.

The Grange au Lac d’Evian  is an exceptional venue, that brings together the finesse of Murano glass chandeliers and the frugality of wooden seating with its untreated finish. It does not look like much from the outside as you approche the building all you can see is a huge barn built from red cedar and Jura pine. One could almost stumble across it by chance in the woods.

In 2000, Mstislav Rostropovich ended his chairmanship of the festival. The Evian Musical Encounters came to an end and made way for the “Musical Interludes”.

But The Evian Musical Encounters were revived in 2014 with the Modigliani Quartet as its artistic directors, who, echoing the presence of the String Quartet Competition in Evian for a number of decades, pay a renewed tribute to the most prominent formation in Chamber music.



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