Do Entertainement This week

November 7th – 13th

On my agenda, this week …

Did you visit the Bourse de Ski de Bourget or elsewhere? Would did you think?

The snow has arrived and the cold temperatures also you might be able to use your buys very soon.

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by Jacques Leleu of Le Dauphiné Libré, the local paper in our SavoieS, for the American elections. The article will be in the paper tomorrow the 8th November. I gave my opinion and my thoughts on this crazy election. And I have been asked to give them again tomorrow morning on Radio France Bleu Savoie. Should be interesting. I have done some radio before but it isn’t easy! So hope it goes well!

November 11th 1918 the Second World War ends thanks to the Allied Forces and it is a holiday in France. Lots will take a long weekend since the 11th is a Friday! Watch out – lots of traffic on the Freeways.

I saw an ad for a new restaurant in Chambery La Piscine next to Nature et Découvert round the corner from the FNAC. Might go this week.

My most important this week is Sunday. I’ll be running the Nice – Cannes Marathon. I have been training and hard but feel not ready and nervous about the whole thing. Will give you my thoughts, photos and results next Monday!! Just hope I finish. I ran in the Paris marathon in April and did pretty well but this one seems to be harder. The Head Wind along the sea shore and a big hill at 29 Km at the Cap d’Antibes. Hope the weather is nice.


Not many activities this weekend sorry didn’t find anything interesting.

But I did check out the movies in V. O. In Chambéry THE V.O. movie theater is the Astrée, 7, BD du Theatre, just next to the Elephant statue – The Four Without Butts.

Go see

Food Coop at 6:45pm

Moi, Daniel Blake ( Palme D’Or)  at 7:00pm & 9:00pm

Sing Street  an Irish movie at 9:15pm

Captain Fantastic  at 6:45pm

In Aix-les-Bains – Cinema Victoria – Avenue Victoria

The Girl on the Train  (read the book and loved it I really want to see the movie!!) at 6:30pm.

Moi, Daniel Blake at 6:30pm

Captain Fantastic at 8:45pm

In Annecy – Pathé  7 Ave de Brogny

Snowden at 7:05pm

Les Némours  22 place Sainte Claire

Moi, Daniel Blake at 7:00pm & 9:15pm

Captain Fantastic at 7:00pm & 9:15pm


Happy Cinema stay indoors.





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