Do Get Inspired Shopping This week

October 31st – November 6th

October 31st – November 6th


Happy Halloween

I hope you had a Happy Halloween weekend !!

What did you do ? Any parties ? Any fun ? Upload any great photos of fabulous coustumes in The Club. I would love to see them.

Tomorrow is a holiday in France, Toussaint, celebrating all of the Saints as it is called in English.

Did you know that the French up until recently celebrated almost like a birthday the Saint days ? Michelle is September 29th. Years ago names were chosen among the Saints. Times have changed.

Tomorrow the cemetery is the place to be ! The French will be out in masses cleaning the graves of loved ones and bringing Chrysanthemums to give color to gray and gloomy cemeteries at this time of the year.

The sun is out still and the temps are back up too !!

This is my last week of training as I am running in the Nice Cannes Marathon on November 13th with some friends ? Should be great running along the coast but 42 Km ahhh I feel like I am not ready. But we shall see. After that I’ll be able to work on my site more.

Get out and walk !! Get inspired. Check out this one.

Lots going on over the weekend



THE Best ski equipement swap of our area. The 5th and 6th in Bourget du Lac. Mountain wear and Ski Equipment Sale

06 51 27 24 78

Opening hours Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm

  • If you want to get rid of some stuff yourself, you can drop off and pick up at anytime during the opening hours.


  • The Bourget du Lac Ski Club has the right to refuse any material they choose not conform to the sale.
  • They will not sell right skis, snow boots, helmets, gloves, wooley hats, goggles, sweaters or fleeces.
  • The Club also can not fully guarantee the security of the material left for sale although there will be strict security checks at the door of the sale. And during the night of Saturday the 5th there will be an electronic surveillance.
  • The Club will keep 10% of each sale rounded up to the Euro.

If you just want to go to shop bring a big car because you’ll be amazed at the deals.

Also saw some signs about a closed road in Grésy-Sur-Aix where everything is free on Saturday 5th November. I am looking into it and will get back to you.

So I checked things out –

Saturday November 5th in the Salle Polyvalente from 10 am to 6pm.

GIVE what you don’t want anymore and TAKE what you need –

Organised by 0 WASTE and Grand Lac  (Communité d’Agglomération du Lac du Bourget).

They say it isn’t a Vide Grenier (Attic Sale) or Bourse d’Echange – nothing for sale – nothing to buy – nothing to exchange. What is useless for some is a treasure for others.

GIVE – leave your objects from 8am – 5pm.

TAKE – from 10am – 6pm.

Kids clothes, Kids toys, Games, Shoes,  Books, etc.

Happy DEALS.






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