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One of my favorite walks!! La Crémaillière d’Aix-les-Bains

One of my favorite walks is just steps away from the house !! Most of us are lucky enough to live close to a forest or to a trail. My trail is actually an old railroad track called La Crémaillière. La Crémaillère (1892-1937) helped start the Sports d’Hiver (Winter Sports) in France.

Skiing in Aix-les-Bains – taken from the To Know, History section  

The city’s reputation as one of the worlds most famous Thermal Baths of the late 1900’s and the ease of transportation by train brought people from all over the world. Tourism helped the development of the city of Aix-les-Bains and the areas around it. Wanting to diversify mostly to entertain the Royality and nobles visiting and later the curists (someone that uses the natural spring waters as preventive medicine), a train was erected between the Baths of downtown and the mountain top, Le Mont Revard. This train was called La Crémaillère.


The sign below says that the La Crémaillière is only for walking traffic.

A good place to start the La Crémaillière hike is in Mouxy.

Turn left before the pharmacy of Mouxy, turn on the first right and then a quick left and go straight and you’ll see the train replica of the old train station. You can park there and start your hike.

Also you can join the trail in the lower part Pugny on the road Les Barral.



Along the way You’ll see signs that tell the story of La Crémaillière like this one and they even translated them!! Bravo to the group of people behind the restoration of the La Crémaillière trail, trains, and history. Below is where you can find more information.

Here is some more information I find but in only French …




This is the old Mouxy train station where you can start the hike!!



Have fun and look down cause once in awhile you’ll see the old tracks!


The featured photo is along the hike in Pugny Chatenod it is one of the many bridges, some have lasted through out the years and others no.

This is the brand new replica of the train station in Pugny. They did such a good job. Close it are picnic bench with a fantastic view of the Lake. Take the time to have lunch and admire the beauty. But you are in the middle of a farm so smells can sometimes … gorgeous place though.


You can hike all the way up to the Le Revard.

About a half mile off the the trail in Pugny on the right just after the train station replica is the Bethlehem Monastery. Something to visit and you’ll find an article in To Know. 




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