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Team Takamaka and Team Alpsfairy after our adventure.

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TAKAMAKA of Annecy is well known nationally in the sector of outdoor sports and business tourism, incentive events, team building, seminar organization and organization of outdoor activities for individuals since 1994.

Two avid, passionate and professional outdoorsmen came together 22 years with the plan to bring You everything there is to offer in the Savoie Mont Blanc area (Annecy, Aix-les-Bains, Chamonix, La Clusaz, Lake Léman and Tarentaise) for Outdoor fun. Now there are 11 agences all over France.

Think AIR with Paragliding, Paragliding school, Hot Air Ballooning, Ultra Light guilders.

Think LAND with Mountain Biking, Via Ferrata, Quads, Mountain Climbing, Speleo.

Think WATER with Wake Boarding, Surfing, Water skiing, rafting, Hydro speed, Kayaking, Hawaiian canoeing, Jet skiing and Paddle boarding.

Think WINTER with Dog sledding, Bob sledding, Speed riding, Sleeping in an Igloo, Ski jeering, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Luge and Ski paragliding.

 Takamaka’s success story is based on

Being ahead of the competition in introducing innovated outdoor activities.

Understanding the needs of each individual or company and adapting the activities accordingly.

Their internet plate form (activity planning, billing, client database, online sales and reservations).

22 years of experience in the field.

Safety and expertise are their driving factors. They work with the most respected professional companies in each sector of activities.

The Numbers

11 agences and growing.

4 million Euros turn over in 2010.

Around 400 different operations for seminaries.

Over 30 000 individual clients have chosen them for their outdoor activities.

This is why Alpsfairy has become a partner with Takamaka.

Our first adventure was rafting and hydro speeding down the Isère River between Bourg St Maurice and Aime with the very professional rafting company AN Rafting. It was in the middle of June and the river was still high from the run off of our amazing mountains in the Tarentaise. But it was cold as hell 8 degrees Celsius.  During the rafting part 16 kilometers it wasn’t a big deal but then we changed wet suits (more padding to go over rocks and things) and jumped in to Hydro speed. In the beginning it was fine because of the excitement of following currents and avoiding boulders but in the end of the 8 kilometers I couldn’t walk. My feet were frozen.

Everybody knows of and has gone rafting but have you heard of Hydro speed. I had not. What a blast.

Hydro speed is white water rafting on individual buoys. Like body boarding in the ocean. The floaters or buoys look silly, like miniature boats that you place your elbows in and hold on. The wet suits are designed to minimize the pain of hitting the rocks you’re floating over and you wear helmets. The buoys can turn over but it is easy to recover. It is tiring or maybe it was for me because the river was so high at the time. And our poor guide had a terrible time with me, along the 8 kilometer ride you stop every so often to collect, to bring everyone together and see if everything is ok. IT IS HARD TO STOP. You’re suppose to ease over changing the direction of your buoy towards the place you want to stop on the side of the river when given the signal about 200 meters before. Well let me tell you I tired and tired each of the 3 stops was a disaster and I floated past way past the stop. Our poor guide had to pull me in.


I strongly suggest Hydro speed and I strongly suggest AN Rafting!!


We had a blast check out the film in the Video section of the site.


Also if you do it in Aime, Savoie there is a nice restaurant right next door called Rive Gauche Good food and nice people see our review in the Eat section of Alpsfairy.


I will be updating this article as we get to experience all of Takamaka’s outdoor fun. So much to do and to look forward to.






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