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Run – Walk from Grand Port, Aix-les-Bains to Brison St Innocent!!


I love to RUN. And Walk !!

Not much of a trail runner although I do love running in the forrest, I need to find pretty flat trail runs (hip problems). This morning I found a fun new run. In fact you can’t really run the whole time as the trail is along the lake and your feet almost in the water. Also roots help to create a natural obstacle course.

Not a long run just an hour, 9 km 4,33 km one way.

I parked at the public pool and movie theater by the lake La Plage d’Aix in Aix-les-Bains. I started runnning behind the pool and theater towards the Esplanade d’Aix – go towards the lake and follow the « coast ». Go by the Boat Club over the bridge and along the port. Continue running or walking along the port behind The Skiff Restaurant. Follow the gravel trail, you’ll pass through a park and by another little port Mémars. Keep going straight towards the train tracks and you’ll find the trail again. Keep on it and you’ll reach the St Inn beach !!

This trail is only open from March to October because you’ll be running through a preserved ecosystem for birds and fauna. Foot traffic only.


Have fun – Get Inspired.



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