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If you are completely new to France, Savoie Mont Blanc well I have to break it to you Sunday’s and Monday’s most stores are closed outside of Paris and major touristy cities. Also, for the most part, opening hours are 9 :00 or 10 :00am – 12 :00 – 2 :00pm -7 :00pm. Supermarkets are open Monday – Saturday 8 :30am – 8 :00pm normally and they have recently started opening on Sunday mornings 8 :30am – 12 :00. Specialty food shops 9 :00 – 12 :00 – 2 :00pm – 7 :00pm Monday – Saturday. A 2 hour lunch break is the norm. So you must plan well. At last resort there is the gas station possibilitie. Some stock basic food stuff but very little choice. It ‘s not like in America where everything is open 24/7.


The main Street, the main drag of Aix-les-Bains is Avenue de Gevève with a large array of shops ranging from Women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, Chocolates, Pharmacies, Women’s Shoes, Lingerie and everything inbetween. Just after the grand Casino the beginning of Ave de Genève – is rue de Casino which hosts a bunch of my fav spots for women clothing like



La Petite Boutique



Lingerie in Aix-les-Bains

I buy my bras from Martine at Martine M’s rue de Casino – it looks old fashioned but I like simple and well structure bras. For expensive, sexy Lingerie go to La Fée Caprice on rue de Casino or less expensive, sexy Lingerie go to Place Carnot BodyOne.

20 years ago I owned a multi name brand children’s clothing store Shelly’s Kids in town and there were 8 or 9 other stores. Now it is a Children’s clothing desert here. Nothing to suggest sorry. Only a couple of chain stores Petit Bateau the base of French children’s clothing is the only place I like.

La Maison de la Presse is the major newspaper stand, bookshop and magazine stop in Aix. The International magazines and press are on the middle aisle on the right side, opposite side when you walk in. They have a pretty good selection. Though when I take someone to the airport I usually duck into the magazine stores to get my fix of silly People magazines.

In Monoprix, (left side of the street when going down) the corner mini-market you can find a lot of terrific things inexpensive, hip, cool clothes Monoprix brand, Aussie hair products and high end beauty products at a good price.

Across from Monoprix THE men’s shop in town is Cap it has been around for years only high end brands like Hugo Boss to name just one.

Caroll is on the right hand side of Ave de Genève, a chain women’s clothing store that has good basics.

Then down on Ave de Genève on the left there’s Genève 341 shoes and clothes a one spot stop. Although I haven’t liked their recent collections.

Just next to Genève 341 is the other Men’s shop Axe has suits and sportswear. Has also been around for years.

Keep going down on the left side a block or two and you’ll come across Alfred, they discribe themselves as a store with Objects for Everyday Life. Kitchen Utensiles, Pans, Notebooks, Shoes, Baby Gifts, Etc. Just a great shop.


My Favorite street in Aix-les-Bains is Rue de Chambéry.

FYI – most of the stores are closed on Monday’s and open on Sunday mornings.

You can find everything in one spot and parking is pretty easy. It has always been the street to find good authentic food stuff but now there are a few new shops that bring life to the street. You can buy all the groceries you’ll need to make a divine dinner with the best butcher in town  Robesson.

The best bakery in Aix-les-Bains Sabourdy  The owner was actually on a national French TV reality baking show and took third place for the best bagette in France.

Les 4 Saisons  Convenience is why I go here. The 4 Seasons produce shop has a large selection of fruit, veggies, eggs and some cheeses. I do go but I find that a lot of the stock comes from Spain and I would rather buy seasonal and locally grown produce. But like I said once you have parked on rue de Chambéry you can purchase every ingredient necessary to make an amazing meal.

Les Secrets du Crémier  In my piece about Savoyard cheeses found in the To Know section I talked about the fact that 10 years ago most of the creameries disappeared from Aix-les-Bains and Chambéry. Well this is one of them. But I am happy to say the shop is back and I love their selection.

Add name of new cheese shop

A friend of mine, Roland, who knows his cheeses said the new shop at the top of the rue de Chambéry also has an interesting choice so do check it out.

So you have your meat, your produce, your famous bagette, your cheese how’s about some flowers for that perfect dinner party.

Le Jardin en Ville   Open everyday in fact, Monday afternoon and Sunday Mornings. Two young ladies have started a wonderful flower shop across from the bakery Sabourdy. The arrangements, bouquets are beautiful and they deliver.

Ressources This is brand new – a organic bulk shop – it has just opened and haven’t been able to go so I can’t write much about it but I do know a that Pecan Folies will sell a selection of their goods there. Maryann, an American started her Pecan company some years ago in La Motte Servolex. She is our local pecan Betty Crocker with ready made cake mixes, pie makings and other pecan folies.

At the newspaper store you can buy Aix-les-Bains gifts and Savoie flags but nothing in English unfortunately.

3 other stores of interest on rue de Chambéry.

Charly & Gaby Clothes, Bags, accessories made by Gaby !! in the store while she’s not selling. Just fun cool stuff.

La Cabane & Les Etoiles Home decor shop, lots of stars and wonderful ideas for a cozy decor.

Les Danaides  A true literary experience, this tiny book shop has an amazing selection of books in French. Lots of books translated from many languages. Like in other French book shops, the owners read some of the books and give a snipet of the story and their own critic on a piece of paper added on the cover. I go often for children’s books because they have large selection. Also If they don’t have a particular book they’ll order it for it.

I will try to find out if they can order books in English ?!!

Rue de Chambéry even has a nurse shop …

Aix Soins Infirmiers

04 79 34 46 26

Not sure when it’s open sorry. During opening hours you can duck in for your little bobos as the French say – to get a necessary shot, clean a wound or bandage your spraned ankle.

On to rue de Charles de Gaulle, three major shops come to mind, Jardin d’Hiver, an everything store home goods to shoes to clothes, etc. They have taste and an eye for pretty things. Also you can sit and have a tea ! I have heard that they are moving which is sad because the location and the store itself is amazingly cool. Another home decor shop Les Bergues – more sophisticated, refined material for curtains and wallpaper ideas.



Recently opened Mila close to the big round about, shoes and clothes at good prices and hip.

place Georges Clemenceau

I also love to visit the children’s book and everything store Aux Belles Histoires -. They a wonderful selection of books but also gifts.

In Grésy sur Aix a town just next to Aix les Bains is home to cool little gift shop for kids and decor called L’Echappée Belle Déco. It is worth the detour really. 85 Chemin du Moulin – it is in the buildings across from the Carrefour supermarket and inbetween the Pharmacy and the Tabac (cigarettes) store.

My favorite Home Stores in Aix les Bains

Jardin d’Hiver

L’Echappée Belle Déco

Les Bergues

Also, check out the Papeterie in the supermarket mall of LeClerc in Drumettaz Clarafond – totally cool gift ideas, fun trendy gadgets.

LeClerc in Drumettaz YEAH surprisingly they have some really cool things. It’s hard not to indulge !!

Other gift shop ideas in Aix-les-Bains try the Papeterie Plein Ciel just off of Av de Geneve near the perfum shop 7 rue de France.

My favorite kids and gifts shop in Aix-les-Bains and Grésy


Aux Belles Histoires

L’Echappée Belle Déco

Papeterie LeClerc

My favorite food – supermarkets – in Aix-les-Bains

Biocoop in Drumettaz or Grésy sur Aix – all organic !!

Provifruit rue de France

Picard Mariloz close to the golf coursegreat frozen food, pricey but worth it !

Myriad 40 route des gorges du sierroz Grésy sur Aix – this is a new concept, called the shortest route from farmers to customers. Local farmers came together in a coop to sell directly their products ! For Locavores.

Coté Fermier Allé Joncs Drumettaz Clarafond – local farmers sell the products. For locavores.

My favorite wine shop in Aix-les-Bains

AIX LES VINS cute name, Julien has stocked his shop with wines from little wineries with respectable prices. Place Georges Clemenceau – market place.

Halle aux Vins 3 rue de Savoie, aux Halles you’ll find name brands here.

Want to get your nails done in Aix-les-Bains

Aix Beauté place Georges Clemenceau nice and they do a pretty good job.

Hair salons

Le Salon 21 montée de Tresserve next to the Pharmacy. Laurence is busy but listens ! 0479616760












Disclaimer: The information contained on « » should be regarded as a guideline only. I update information on a regular basis, but it is possible that something has fallen through the cracks. I would love to be the source of all knowledge, but unfortunately I am not!  All situations are different and the information contained here may not be applicable to all cases.  Please get in touch with me if you would like me to check any information in relation to your particular situation. I am trying hard to remember all of the confusion and unanswered questions that I and my friends have suffered when first relocating in this beautiful, but sometimes difficult country. Ask me the questions you would like answered and I will do my very best to get you correct, current answers. My goal is to help you through this minefield, but I can make no guarantees that I have caught all of the changes, all of the time, in all areas, but I sure am trying!            




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