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Things to do with your kids… In the Lac du Bourget Savoie Region by Ros Eddies

The Savoie-Mont Blanc Region is packed with kid’s things to do; indoor and out, paying or free, adrenalin pumping or sleep inducing. So, the problem isn’t what to tell you about, but what to not.

One thing is certain though; your kids will have grown up and left home before you’ve covered half.
Here’s the briefest of outlines of things to do; the everyday places, the most accessible, the classics, the favourites, the unusual, more bizarre and most of all, FUN.
Outdoors for free around Lac du Bourget, Savoie


There is so much walking and mountaineering at all levels in the Savoie-Mont-Blanc region that it’s impossible to include it all here and there are perfect books, guides and websites that will help you find a good walk. But if you’re really stuck a simple stroll along the lakeside always pleases.

Next drive up Le Revard, behind Aix les Bains for a walk and stunning view from platforms. (Nice restaurant, gift shop and chance for a picnic talked about in TO EAT section.) Also in summer you can take the free bus up from Aix and walk from there.

On the opposite side of the lake, behind Le Bourget du Lac, you can drive up to the Relais Station and walk along towards the Dent du Chat. Be careful if you have wild kids… at the end of the walk there is a viewpoint with a serious chance of falling a very long way, use of ladders and ropes! It’s ok if you keep your kids with you and they’re good at listening to your advice. If they’re not, don’t go all the way, be very aware and maybe just stop at the top for the view.
Roller skating 
Roller skating (‘roller’ in French) is super popular in the region. (Possibly because it gives all the “super fitties” a chance to practise their ski de fond skate style action when there’s no snow.) There are loads of clubs that will get you started and you may find the local primary school has an after school club that features roller. You can fix yourself up with a decent set of roller blades, helmet and protective pads from any of the local sports shops (Intersport, Decathlon, Go Sport, Sport Aixtreme and many others…). If you feel a bit stupid at first, don’t worry… there’s plenty of beginners doing the same thing and look at the experts, every age you can imagine and all in matching lycra.
Roller skate for free along Lac du Bourget ‘east coast boulevard’.

Easiest is to park at Les Mottets car park (off the Intermarche roundabout at Viviers du Lac) and follow the 8km tarmac path to Aix les Bains and back (or just to the kite surf plage and back is enough for littlies). (Be aware of fast cyclists, small dogs, other super fit roller bladers, children learning to ride their bikes, as well as the Sunday afternoon strollers, joggers, summer ski de fond chaps and scooter riders as this is THE prime location for leisure activities of every sort imaginable.)
Skateboarding, Stunt Scootering (trottinettes) and Roller Blading at Skate parks.

Also free; use the skate parks at:

  • Les Mottets country park, Viviers Du Lac. It has good ramps and a grind rail, friendly and more used to all sorts using it. Good picnic grass around.
  • Rue Pierre Favre, Aix-Les-Bains (on the right down the road next to Geant supermarket, near the horse race course). It’s a good skate park with half pipe and the norm drop ins and ramps. Bit of a locals skate park but stick with it and they let you in…
  • Chambery skate park on the Quai du Jeu de Paume.

Indoors for wet days


Indoor play centres in between Aix and Chambery

Worth a visit on a hot day as they have air conditioning and are often empty then. Don’t forget socks on those hot days when your kids are in sandals! Both are good party venues for younger kids.
Kabane – based at the light industrial estate (ZA de la Prairie, 73420 Voglans), friendly and welcoming, enough to entertain wide range of ages, clean and fresh, with nice coffee and cakes! Open 10am -7pm every day.


Royal Kids – near the entrance to Chambery airport, easy parking, 0-12 year olds, loads of friendly staff, lots of extras to do (these require extra cash), but they do serve decent tea, even earl grey, even with milk.


Laser 13 Game – based at the ZA La Prairie. Very reasonably priced laser shooting game zone, great for older kids, very friendly staff. If you don’t book they do try and squeeze you in, but best to call. Simple facilities, machines for drinks and ice creams. Great for an hour on a rainy day, suitable for boys/girls and adults, from aged 6 to 96. Parties catered for.


Cinemas, Movie theaters

Lac du Toiles Cinema at Aix les Bains has all the latest films, usually in French.

The Victoria in Aix Les Bains shows its films in the original language.

The Nef at Grenoble shows all films in their original language. (It’s not a bad drive down the motorway from Chambery) It’s a small cinema with small screens and comfy chairs. Ridiculously cheap. Trip Advisor reviews say this is an unfriendly place, but who goes to the cinema for a chat with the cashier.

Chambery – choose from the small Astree, by the elephant fountain, the Pathe at Chambery Les Halles, Le Forum and The Curiel (arts cinema).

The website gives up to date information about films in each area.

All the cinemas have good websites, very easy to navigate.


Ten Pin Bowling (Bowling)

Bowling at Aix les Bains, next to the cinema and Aqualac, small and friendly.

Available also at the ZA Les Landiers, in between Aix and Chambery above the strange building with a shop called Bel Home, opposite Electromaneger. Well hidden, but great once inside.
Climbing (faire de l’escalade/grimper) at Vertilac – Le Bourget du Lac, Indoor Climbing Wall
Brilliant energy burner, friendly and approachable staff, easy to park and not expensive.
Fabulous indoor climbing wall for beginners and experts, with a range of activities…there’s a climbing club, private or group lessons, lead climbing and top-rope sections, and a small bouldering wall. Equipment provided or you can buy some stuff there. Staff can advise on via ferrata, canyoning and outdoor rock climbing and guides for lots of outdoor activities advertise here.


Swimming (to swim – nager):

WARNING! All French swimming pools insist you chaps wear budgie smugglers! English for Speedos. No board shorts and no pants under your trunks, it’s a hygiene thing……
Aqualac, Place Daniel Rops, Aix Les Bains

Perfect location on the lake edge, mix of indoor and outdoor pools. Swimming club, dive club, triathlon.

5 separate pools, small teaching pool, large indoor, very large outdoor (with a fun water link to the indoor pool), very deep warm pool and shallow kids pool. Swimming lessons here are good.


Chambery – Piscine de Chambery Metropole, parc de Buisson rond – rue Sainte Rose. More of a swimmer’s pool, but has a sub-aqua club, swim club, Chambery triathlon club use the pool too.


The Aquarium, the Petit Port, Aix les Bains

Great spot for an afternoon. Can get busy and it’s not a cheap trip, so expect to stay an hour or more. Best bit is that the children get to feed the fish, hold the food in your hand and the fish nibble round your fingers… doesn’t hurt and it’s hard to get your kids to leave once they start!


Canton Joue – Sounds like an odd thing, but great fun and free. Le Bourget du Lac village hold regular after school evenings for families to get together, meet and play a range of board games, with floor toys available for younger ones… Drinks are available and the people running it are very friendly. Great way to make friends. Nice excuse to step away from the iPad or x-box and have fun as a family.


Watching a Handball Match

One thing you must do whilst in the Savoie is take the family to watch a handball game. La Phare at Chambery is a great venue. Chambery is a top handball club (Champions of France) and their games are inspirational. The atmosphere is amazing, like an American baseball game, lots of fun and excitement for all; it’s a very fast game. Book tickets online, they aren’t cheap, but it’s still worth a visit. (Also pop concerts etc held at Le Phare.)

Gallery Eureka, Chambery

Described as a really cool place, tactile displays and free entry! Perfect.

Outdoor Activities

Biking – it’s massive in the Savoie…

The path along the lake is perfect for children’s cycling. Also you can continue along the same path down the side of the lake from Intermarche to Le Bourget du Lac. You can cycle on from le Bourget to Chambery along a route called the Voie Verte. Very pretty cycle ride through wood, by the riverside (watch wobbly little people).
Road biking… Go with a club, or tout seul, plenty of books and internet sites can give advice on routes at a range of levels. Loads of French kids road cycle, the French in this area are much more careful around road cyclists, although still be aware of danger spots.
It’s possible to rent bikes at almost all cycle shops around Aix Les Bains and Chambery and there are absolutely loads to choose from, do a quick internet search for contacts.
VTT (French for mountain biking) – again, loads of internet information as there are loads of tracks around Aix-Les-Bains and Chambery, routes are graded and so it’s easy to find one to suit your level. Check out a map before you go, just so you know what sort of terrain to expect and whether they cross any major roads.
During the summer months (this only seems to be half of July and August) some ski resort lifts are open for downhill mountain biking, but check each individual ski resort for exact opening times. You buy a ‘forfait’, just like for skiing, and a kind man puts your bike on the specially adapted chair (a hook on the side of the chair hangs your bike from it’s wheel) and you just have to run off at the top. Jump on your bike for a challenging ride down, following specially manufactured graded trails, just like ski pistes. Check out your local ski resort for their summer opening times. Downhill biking’s not expensive and (if you take your time, choose a suitable level, you’re relatively fit and not terrified) it’s pretty good fun. If you haven’t got a mountain bike (suspension and good brakes needed), you can normally rent one at the lift. (Phone first to check availability).

Warning : wear suitable head protection (a full face helmet is best, but not obligatory), good gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and shin protection, and sturdy footwear. A back protector is also a good idea. Check your brakes before you go.

Suitable for more competent riders, usually from 8+, but our 6 year old hammers down stuff.

BMX – use the same skate parks as for scootering and skate boarding. There is a free pump track on Rue Pierre Favre, Aix Les Bains (behind the Geant supermarket, behind the skate park). It seems dis-used but people turn up throughout the day. Park for free on the roadside next to it and take a picnic as you’ve probably got the place to yourself for the day. You don’t need a specialist bike, but a good helmet and elbow/knee pads are a good idea. Be careful as some of the jumps can force you to take some air and if you’re not used to it….


One brilliant thing to do is to take the summer bus up to Le Revard with your bike.

Get on at Aix les Bains train station, (second stop at Mouxy shopping area), with your bike (it actually is a fully converted bus and your bikes go inside) along with the paragliders and walkers. Get a lift to the top and cycle down the blue track from the front of the restaurant. We have done this many times with the kids, but they’re pretty good at biking. This is one for older children with mountain bike equipment. You don’t need the same full on equipment needed for downhilling at the ski resorts, but best be protected. Advise going slowly and take a map, phone, midge repellent, a picnic and plenty of water.

 La Feclaz and Le Revard:

What many locals forget is that these are great areas for summer activities, not just skiing. From just having a picnic in the beautiful green alpine meadows (look out for cows), walking, looking at the amazing views, to being a great place for a bike ride (but don’t attempt to bike up there unless you and the kids are super fit).

“Accrobranche d’un Arbre a l’autre” at La Feclaz

Website tel: 06 83 36 05 99

Kids (and adults) can go ‘canopying’…. Like Go Ape but French. Great fun and very popular. Friendly staff.

Dog sledding – ‘Bapteme chiens de traineaux’

Mikia, Gite de la Gaillarde, le Revard offer a chance to take the sled dogs out in summer and winter. (Obviously with either wheels or runners on the sled depending on the weather!) It’s cheaper and muddier in summer, but not as cold. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Absolutely lovely experience and one not to be missed.

On, In or Around Lac du Bourget

Swimming in Lac du Bourget:

Beaches you pay for..
1. La Plage d’Aix (connected to Aqualac)

The large Plage complex here has a more expensive entry price (if you are a local then you can buy a block of 10 entries) but this plage has lots on offer, just make sure you go early enough to bag your space on the lovely grass and get your money’s worth. Here you can lie on the grass, play volleyball, play football, swim in the lake (with lifeguard), slide down the 2 slides (one corkscrew slide, lots of fun, one totally mad vertical slide. Stand by and watch the locals drop down and aquaplane across the landing zone before you decide to let your kids go).There are also 2 shallow play pools for little ones, with fountains, mini slide and toys within. There’s also a gentle slide, suitable for younger children. The changing rooms, showers and toilets are clean.

In summer you can use the lake, shallow pools, and chlorinated outdoor and indoor pools. Don’t forget you can wear board shorts in the lake and shallow pool, but if your boys want to go jump in the main chlorinated pools you have to change into those tiny trunks (you can wear the ones that look like shorts and don’t have to embarass yourself in the Tom Daly teensy pants, but you not allowed to put your board shorts on over the top.)

You’re free to take your own water toys and whatever else you feel you need, definitely a picnic rug and things to amuse the kids… Buckets and spades can be used on the beaches…. It’s sort of imported gritty sand but you can still dig.
Dogs not allowed.

2. Le Bourget du Lac Plage is a much less grand affair and hence the entry price is lower and you only

have to pay during the summer holidays.
There is access to the lake, with lifeguard supervision (again, only during the holidays), a walkway out onto the lake with a high dive board. Lovely views down the lake and of the village boats. There are clean toilets (wahay!), ice cream sales and a range of outdoor play equipment, volleyball net, a large climbing frame and a fun mini water park. It also has picnic tables, and shade provided from a few tress. Parking is free across the road. It’s a safe and well protected grassy area where your kids can play in the shallow water and do a bit of digging. What’s not to love

3. Les Mottets  Big free car park, supervised beach, charges in the summer holidays and for the beach area only. Nice beach, sheltered and shallow entry. Gravelly, but not rocky. (More info on this below)

4. Beach area at Chatillon very cute little area to swim and hang out at the northern end of the lake. Free to swim here, but the locals direct you into a field to park when it’s really busy and its about 1-2 euros. Not bad and it saves the village being blocked.

Free Swimming Spots

1. Free mini plage by the rowing school at Aix

A little spot, but great for a quick swim. Gets busy after work. Toilet

2. Lido a Tresserve – half way along the road between Aix and Viviers du Lac.

Park across the road and cross over the bridge. Gets busy in great weather. Toilet

3. Just beyond the restaurant/hotel complex la Maison des Pecheurs.

Follow the path to the right and there is a small pebbly section of beach suitable for an afternoon. (You usually need water shoes as the stones hurt your feet.) No toilets, but not far to walk to the kite surfers beach ones

4. Park anywhere near the lake if you can find a space along the road between Aix and Chambery.

Cross the road with care, although most stop. Plenty of lakeside space and a couple of wooden board areas great for jumping off. Just be sure to check the water depth before you jump. And that there’s a ladder to get back out.

5. The man made kite surfer’s beach opposite Les Rives Du Lac restaurant.

Large grassy area and lots of accessible water. Gets busy in summer, lovely grassy bit, shallow entrances to the water. Toilets

6. There’s also a boardwalk (meant for fishing?) at the Petit Port.It’s possible to use it as a jumping platform if you don’t mind being stared at.

7. Brison St. Innocent  A grassy area with a good swimming plage and areas for sunbathing and playing.

8. The Grand Port  A modest swimming area, nicely shelving and good grassy area to hang out in behind. Parking can be a nightmare.

9. The plage at Bourget du Lac is free when it’s not the summer holidays.

Sailing (Voile) And Windsurfing

Le Bourget du Lac has 2 sailing clubs, right next to each other to confuse people. Next door to the Bourget plage. Here you can learn to sail, windsurf, canoe and use a stand-up paddle board.

There is also a great canoe club which uses the river in Bourget itself.


Renting a boat is easy and not too expensive, but be warned on hot days you may have to wait.
Rent at Aix-Les-Bains, (Le Grand Port, Le Petit Port, near La Plage d’Aix) and Le Bourget du Lac.
– pedalos (4,5,6,8 person) with or without a slide
– motor boats (more expensive, different power levels, some need a permis – a permit)

Please wear the life vests provided – Lac du Bourget is 180 m deep in the middle and although the surface can be warm, as you go down it gets very cold.

Sports Clubs

Within the Savoie Mont-Blanc region it’s possible to get involved with possibly every sport imaginable, if some are missed just let us know and we’ll add it to the list:
archery, badminton, ballet, basketball, canoeing (lake and river), canyoning, climbing, cycling (road, moutain, bmx, downhill, trials), dance, diving, football, golf, gymnastics, handball, horse riding, kite surfing, luge, martial arts, netball, paddle boarding, parachuting, paragliding, parascending, roller blading, rowing, rugby, sailing, scootering, skate boarding, skiing, ski de fond (cross country skiing, both classic and skate style), ski mountaineering, snowboarding, squash, scuba diving/sub-aqua, swimming, , tennis, toboganning, via ferrata, wake boarding and water polo and water skiing.

If you do a general internet search for your sport plus either Aix les Bains or Chambery you will find details of contacts.

The following website is a 7 page list of activities and contacts around Aix.

French sports clubs are incredibly welcoming to new members and supportive of junior members. Even if you don’t speak great French they are really happy to have you, and the clubs are usually very sociable with lots of evening events. The clubs are usually well supported and normally reasonably priced.
Most large villages and towns (definitely at La Motte-Servolex and le Bourget du Lac) hold sports club joining fayres (normally a week or 2 after school starts in September) where you can meet all the clubs and leaders. You put your name down, get a joining pack, then go home and think about how many you can afford! Most offer a free trial on an appointed day. If you choose that club you pay the year’s subscription up front, but you can usually pay with 3 post-dated cheques. This includes insurances and tuition, but usually not any special equipment. You will also be asked to provide medical certificates for each club, which can cost a fortune at the doctors, so make sure you go in one visit, with all your children and a clear list of which sports they want to undertake. If there are any they may consider taking up later, then get a certificate for that anyway, just in case. Do it all in one hit and save €s!


Most clubs hold ‘stages’ throughout the children’s school holidays, where children can get either a taster experience or continue learning their sport. These are not solely for the children who already belong to that club, but are actually open to all and are usually very reasonably priced. Find details on their own websites or get details at your local mairie (town hall).

Here’s a few sports to get going with:

Horse Riding (equitation)
So many stables to choose from.. Some more serious than others, best to book in for a quick hack or a private lesson to see if you like the staff and atmosphere and whether it will suit your offspring
Check out:

The Pony Club de Tresserve, really great for children as there are loads of small ponies, very friendly.
L’Etalon, Clarafond, near Drummettaz-Clarafond for a friendly low key experience with gentle ponies.
Ask a neighbour where they would advise as everyone seems to support their local stable.
Gymnastics (gymnastiques)
There are clubs all over Savoie. The following websites have a long list of local clubs:

Gymnase Pierre de Coubertin at La Motte Servolex has a great boys section and well run girls club.
Based at Le Bourget the club Les Mouettes is generally a girls club (but young boys under 7 attend) and is also excellently well run and very friendly.
SCUBA Diving (Plongee)

There is a well established club based at Le Bourget du Lac and Aix Les Bains (Club De Plongee). This is a very active club and welcomes junior members.

Rowing (Faire de l’Aviron)

The clubs at Le Bourget du Lac (named CNBC) and Aix (aix aviron) are both very good clubs, they love new members (from the age of 10), boys and girls and with or without experience. Both clubs compete at all levels (are champions in France at many levels) and allow leisure rowing. Both are very friendly, offer fantastic facilities and great coaching. Contact via the websites.

Winter  Activities

You just can’t talk about Savoie Mont-Blanc kids activities without a section on:

Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross Country Skiing (Ski de fond) and Snowshoeing (racquettes)  

Most big villages, even those without snow, have a ski club for adults and children… Most weekends a long line of buses take children from their villages into the hills for a weekly lesson with a smaller gang of accompanying adults (accompagnateurs). Think Pied Piper of Hamlyn on ice. It can all seem a bit of a palaver getting your kids to the bus first thing on a Saturday morning, but these trips are well organised and friendly, and incredibly economical. It’s a great way to make friends and learn the language. (If you don’t go with you kids then you get to go skiing yourself ‘sans enfants’!) The clubs have leaders who organise different trips and lessons so you can undertake all the snow sports.

Le Club de Ski, Bourget du Lac is extremely friendly, has a great turnout for kids on a Saturday, ensures they are very well looked after and has a great social element too. Look out on their website for the signing up dates and the ‘Bourse au Ski’ (second ski sale in November) is superb. Many non Bourgetians join up, so you don’t have to live there to be a member.
You can also drive up to a ski station, park (check the ipad for parking first, especially if you have a roof box…lots are underground car parks with 2m max headroom) and hope to get a lesson on the day, booked through a ski school office. Don’t just look at ESF (Ecole de Ski Francais); there are a wide range of ski schools in existence. Find lessons for individuals or a group, private or as part of a class. Many have specialist English teachers, just ask if needed. You can also book over the phone or online, but that doesn’t give you the chance to vet the school and teaching staff.

Many schools take the children cross country skiing (known as ski de fond) of which there are 2 types; skate and classic style). This is one less activity you have to arrange. But you can head up to France’s top destination (la Feclaz and le Revard), arrange private lessons or hire the kit and follow the graded trails. It’s a beautiful thing to do on a sunny winter’s day.
La Feclaz and Le Revard

Top locations for ski de fond, biathlon training and racquettes. Aix Les Bain’s closest alpine ski resort, small and inexpensive, not usually big queues. Also recommended on a crisp cold day is a snowy walk to the Chalet du Loup restaurant at la Feclaz and check out the Tipi village at Le Revard.

More Gentle Activities

The path along Lac du Bourget: A very easy walk for children (and suitable for prams). From Les Mottets car park you can walk all along the lake side to Aix, approx. 8km (that’s 5 miles in old money), and generally takes about 2-3 hours to do the whole thing. Car parking is free, but be careful with car security. Keep your dog on a lead (be aware of roller blading, cycling, scooters, joggers and ski de fond practitioners!). Kids can scoot, skate board or cycle if they’re not into walking too much and you feel like an amble.

You can also take a great canal boat ride along the Canal de Saviere which stops off at Chanaz, at the north of the lake.

Aix Les Bains and Chambery both have Les Petits Trains for a tourist tour of the towns. Great fun for the kids.

In the Savoie during the summer months there is always something happening.  At the Grand and Petit Ports and at the plage in Le Bourget you can often find a group of folk setting out a circus activity day, who seem to stay 3 months, or a musical event.

There are also regular events celebrating Savoie life which are all great for the children. Bourget even holds a Fete du Confiture in September, a celebration of jam… hands up whose kids don’t like jam?!

Le Bourget du Lac has a 2 day Fete du Nautism, a fantastic weekend where you and your kids can try virtually every water sport, for free.

La Cirque d’ Arlette Gruss – is an annual summer circus on the Esplanade at Aix Les Bains and is an amazing show for kids. This is a very animal focussed show and so be aware.

There is also a large travelling fair on the esplanade at Aix during May; be careful of the opening times as it closes early if it’s a quiet day!

Grand Port

A lovely spot to spend an afternoon is the Grand Port area at Aix-Les-Bains. (Parking can be busy, but free.) There’s a couple of beach/swimming areas. (Warning here.. make sure you shower the kids after they swim as the duck tick can be present in the more marshy swim areas. Don’t let this put you off though, just take a shower.) There are beautiful boats to look at, restaurants and cafes, a walkway/pier with a viewing point and quite often there’s crafts markets and antique fairs or music in the evening. There’s also a play park area, ice cream stall, large grassy area for picnicking and gentle ball games and toilets.

There’s a fantastic walk that your kids will love from the Grand Port to Brison St Innocent. Interesting walkways, nature area, sculptures and little spots to swim, get a drink and an ice cream at the end and walk back. Probably a 2 hour trip.

One of our favourite things to do on a relaxing warm evening is to get a drink at the Skiff pub whilst the kids can run around the plaza, or practise their scooter techniques. (This is because we definitely have non-French kids who don’t like to sit quietly whilst the grown-ups chat.) Don’t do this if you fear your kids may fall in the port.

From the Grand Port you can also takes the kids on a boat trip. There’s a daily boat to Hautecombe Abbey. Lovely ride takes about 2 hours with time to explore the Abbey (still lived in). During the summer there is a large youth festival with ‘tons of activities’.

The Grand Port links to the Petit Port.

The Petit Port

This area has a long boulevard of trees, a walking path, bike and roller path (separate for safety) and a large lawn area for ball games and picnics. It can get exceptionally busy on high days and holidays, so be prepared. But it’s an area with a lot of charm and quite a buzz.
You can also rent a funny sort of bike/carriage for 4, great little bikes with metal ponies on the front and kids go karts, and let the kids peddle up and down the Boulevard to totally exhaust themselves. Boats to look at, a dive board pontoon area if you overheat (check the ladder’s on to climb back out) There’s a brilliant area of fairground roundabouts, electric mini cars, as well as some child friendly quick eat spots selling burgers, chips, hot dogs, pizzas and candy floss.

Mini golf

Le Bourget du Lac
This is a low key affair, a quick and easy mini golf experience with a small snack bar that sells ok food cheaply and they are soooo friendly.
Aix les Bains
A great little course in between the Grand and Petit Ports. Bigger than Bourget but without the cheese appeal.
Parks and Childrens Play Areas..
the following webpage has a fantastic interactive map which shows each play park and sports ground in Aix.
Le Bourget du Lac – La Traverse is the Salle de loisirs and most of the area’s indoor sports are taught here.
3.Les Mottets – great park, suitable for football and other ball sports and with the skate park and traditional children’s climbing frames this makes a great location for the whole family. There are also ready made bbq stations so you can play all day and then stay on until late with food. The little ‘pay to enter’ beach here is also superb for little ones, much more sheltered a beach; toilets and a kiosk, but not much else.
4. Le Bourget du Lac – has a small play park, very well fenced and secure. Found at the bottom of the road oppsite the Banette boulangerie, behind the Prieure.


Info on – non sporting activities
Sewing, chess, drama, singing, dance, debating, ‘Sopho kids’ (yoga, breathing and relaxing techniques for kids)
The following website is a list of 7 pages of activities and contacts around Aix.

Les Ronds de Fours at Bourget

The Vide Greniers/brocantes

Bourse au ski and bourse au velo

Visit the little port at Bordeau
Parc Naturel Regional du Massif des Bauges via a cheese factory to the magnificent water falls.





























Disclaimer: The information contained on « » should be regarded as a guideline only. I update information on a regular basis, but it is possible that something has fallen through the cracks. I would love to be the source of all knowledge, but unfortunately I am not!  All situations are different and the information contained here may not be applicable to all cases.  Please get in touch with me if you would like me to check any information in relation to your particular situation. I am trying hard to remember all of the confusion and unanswered questions that I and my friends have suffered when first relocating in this beautiful, but sometimes difficult country. Ask me the questions you would like answered and I will do my very best to get you correct, current answers. My goal is to help you through this minefield, but I can make no guarantees that I have caught all of the changes, all of the time, in all areas, but I sure am trying!            




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