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This Week – Last week 10/17 – 10/23 …


 It has snowed – Winter is just around the corner crazy isn’t it ! Are you happy about this ? I can’t wait to ski but I am not looking forward to the cold and the slippery roads.

The old farmers of Savoie and Haute Savoie say the onions outer skin is thicker this year so it’s going to be the hard and cold winter. We shall see. We’ve had such a nice Fall !


At the moment, my weeks is rythmed by my son’s quest to get his driver’s license. Here in France, it’s complicated. The DMV doesn’t exist ! And recently the rules have changed. You have to reserve your spot to take the written part on line through the Post Office and it’s no longer given in Aix-les-Bains but we’ll have to go to Chambery ?! The closest available date was 10 days away, 10. That is just for the written part 30 or 50€ depending on if you go by your own means or the driving school takes you. If he only has 5 errors then we’ll be able to (WE ; ) ) finish the 20 required hours of driving with a specific driving school company. We can’t reserve a date to take the driving test before the hours are done. Then we’ll have to wait probably 3 more weeks for the test because there aren’t enough driver test professionals. It’s complicated here in France. It’s much more expensive than in the States also. In the end, I think it’s going to cost me 1500€.


For the movie goers …

Last week, I went to see Bridget Jones Baby in VO at the Pathé in Chambery ! Excellent, I thought it was great to see Bridget and Mark again. Laughed a lot.

I could tell that there were a lot of French in the theater cause my English friend would laugh and 30/40 seconds the others would !

Some films I would like to see this week !! My most hilarious friend Bev said that Captain Fantastic with Viggo Mortensen is excellent. It’s playing at L’Astrée in English as is Chatroom.

For those of you in Bourg St Maurice Bridget Jones Baby is in English at Le Cœur d’Or and another film I would like to see Comancheria also in English.


Also last week, had lunch at « The » new restaurant of Aix-les-Bains, Le Comptoir Carnot. A little formal for a quick lunch, maybe a little expensive, I liked the decor, the food was delightful and portions were good sized. I would go back. Think to reserve though !


I didn’t make it to Hillary’s or over to Albertville last week maybe I will this week.


Not much happening during the week but Lots going on over the weekend –


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