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Wines of Savoie and Haute Savoie

Wines of Savoie and Haute Savoie


Like I talked about in Cheeses of Savoie and Haute Savoie the label
AOC is a sign of quality. It designates a product which all manufacturing steps are carried out according to recognized expertise in the same geographical area, which gives certain characteristics to the product. An official certification guaranteering the quality of French produce especially wines and cheeses.

Most of the wines of Savoie Mont Blanc have been distinguished with this honor.


To name a few Apremont, Les Abymes, Arbin, Ayse, Chautagne, Chignin, Chignin Bergeron, Crépy, Cruet, Frangy, Jongieux, Marestel, Marignan, Marin, Mondeuse, Monteminod, Montmélian, Monthoux, Ripaille, Saint Jean de la Porte, Saint Jeoire Prieuré, Seyssel.


The most popular, the most frequently found in restaurants (in our area), what I have tasted and enjoyed are in blue.


Our wines are stereotyped as only good during the winter and with fondu and other Savoyard specialities. But they are getting better and the prices are still really reasonable.


Here’s a map to better understand where the vineyards are located. I love driving through Apremont you feel like you’re in Bordeaux or Napa.


As I primarily drink red I would choose a Mondeuse or an Arbin.


My favorite white in the area is La Colombiere Cuvée Royale from Christophe Rossillon in Brison St Innocent. Hard to find in the shops and restaurants I usually go straight to the vinyard. It’s considered a Chardonnay.


5 bis, chemin de Grésine

73100 Brison Saint Innocent


Chignin Bergeron is another favorite white.


Here is an an extremely detailed and interesting site about Savoyard wines unfortunately it’s only in French. It isn’t a wordy site so I believe it should be easy to understand.













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